Election song in Kurdish by women of MKM: Werin

  • 11:50 20 May 2018
  • News
Beritan Canözer
ISTANBUL - Women of the Mesopotamia Cultural Center (MKM) have recorded an election song for the female voters of the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). The MKM members say “Werin (Come)” in Kurdish.
With the beginning of the electoral campaigns for the elections to be held on June 24 in Turkey, the cultural and artistic activities also quicken. As the political parties determine their songs for the elections, female singers of the Mesopotamia Cultural Center (MKM) have recorded an election song in Kurdish for the Peoples’ Democratic Party (HDP). The name of the song is “Werin (meaning ‘Come’ in Kurdish)”.
“Kurdish language is our native language and everyone should introduce their art, the culture in their native language. For this reason, we prefer the song to be in Kurdish,” Nurcan Değirmenci said, “We called on women to stand by the HDP while writing the song lyrics. We say in the song that the life and truth are in the HDP. We use the music of ‘Heymeni’ song in Sorani (one of Kurdish dialects) for the election song.” Saying that they are happy to do this work, Nurcan added, “Previously, we recorded election songs for the HDP as women. As the women's unit of MKM, we recorded this song along with five women.”
‘HDP is a party that opens its door to all identities’
Singer Baran Bozyel pointed out the women’s policies of the HDP and said that Turkey needs the HDP. Baran continued to speak as follows; “In the construction of the HDP’s new life, the women are the essence of life. For this reason, the HDP draws attention to the essence of life. The essence of my life passes through the freedom of the women. From the beginning of the HDP, we see the equal representation policy and active works for women of the HDP. The HDP has represented not only the Kurdish women but also women having different beliefs, languages and cultures. It is a party that opens its door to all identities.”
‘Let’s stand shoulder to shoulder’
Indicating that culture and art have an important place in society, Baran said, “As the people working for art and culture, we find ourselves in the HDP because we know the HDP is a party protecting and standing up for art and culture.” Baran called on all women to stand shoulder to shoulder for their freedom.